How to set up multiple subsription options in adalo and iOS app

Hello, I want to set up multiple subsciption in fitness app. My app is live and now it is on App store, but I can not figure how to do that.

I found

but I want to make something like this !


Are you using IAP or Stripe?

To the best of my knowledge, IAP is currently limited to one time payments.

For Stripe, you can create different plans in Stripe then input those into the stripe subscription component in Adalo.

Just make sure to have a plan end date or some feedback loop to kick nonpaying users out of the app!


Hi, I can not make Stripe account because my state (serbia) is not on the list. Is it possible to make with in app purchases?

You’ll need to do either one time purchases with IAP or integrate with another payment provider.

One way around the recurring charges is to use a top of function and deduct based on usage (like tokens or time on the app). The user will have to approve each transaction, but better than nothing.

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