Adalo free plan + in app purchases

Hello Adalo Guru!

Can anyone please advise: does “Stripe payment” and “Digital purchase” components will work when I will put app in App store and Play market and then will change Adalo plan from Pro to Free?

Depends on what you are trying to use those components for.

Are you goods tangible?

Are they Digital?

Are they subscription based?

It is Digital, not subscription based

we selling tickets for events

If it’s all digital then you would use the IAP component, not Stripe.

You would be able to use Stripe for tangible things.

Thank you Bobby

Will all that components still work in app if I will change Adalo to free plan?

If you change to the free plan you can no longer publish your app(s)

I got it. I mean - I will publish my app in App Sore with native digital purchase component and then change Adalo to free plan. Will Digital purchase keeps working or Adalo Free plan will stop it?

I dont know, but def. wouldn’t recommend doing that.

The free plan only allows for a very limited amount of data and if you ever want to make any changes to your app you wouldnt be able to.

What are the options / recommendations for digital subscription? native or PWA? Stripe?

we selling tickets for events
native app

May be Stripe but I’m not sure if Stripe will keep working after Adalo will change my account to free plan

Adalo is working on a native PWA for subscriptions, it’s in Beta right now.

Only other option would be this:IAP+Subscription Component via IAPHUB

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