How to share app via sms from the app

Goal: In the app, I want users to be able to share my app link via sms text message.

User experience: The user clicks a button, their sms would pop up, user input phone number of their choice, and send sms text to recipient with the pre-populated message, “I want to share this app with you. Please click the link here (with clickable URL link)” and send that sms text message.

If sms pop-up isn’t possible, is there a workaround? (ie. user can input a phone number in a form, click send, and recipient gets sms with my message and app link.)

I do not want to stack anything or have to use api.

Thank you.

Hi @maemae ,

You can use action website on button & there you need to use this one →


I hope this helps.


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Thank you, Shantanu. The pre-populate message in text works. The To: in sms shows up contactNumber? Is there a way to make it blank?

This is already really good and very useful. Thank you!


Leave the number field blank means sms:?&body=yourMessage

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Perfect. Thank you!!

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