Can't seem to get SMS link to work properly

I’m trying to duplicate the “share this app” screen.

I copied the QR code. I added some text instructions.

Now I want to create a link which will open a new message in the user’s SMS app and prefill the body with the previewer link.

The best info I can find on this forum is sms:?

I’ve also tried replacing the question mark with a semicolon, per suggestion on this forum.

Both links do open a new message in my iOS messaging app, but they insert the link into the TO: field rather than into the text body field.

Does anybody have the solution to this?

Note: I do understand there may be formatting differences when sending in iOS vs Android. One problem at a time!

Thanks to everyone.

Hello Mike,

I have built a twilio sms component that might help you doing that…

You can check it’s tutorial here: Adalo + Twilio Component - YouTube

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