How to speed up the pwa version?

how to speed up the pwa version? web site from adalo

any suggested i will appreciate greatly as a good answer on this topic

I know what you’re asking. It’s been insanely slow since last week. I had a project working fine for a few weeks and now the lag is almost unusable. Not sure what’s going on. No statement from Adalo that I can find.

big data application? what database are you following? adalo or another. I have adalo, I plan to transfer it to the Amazon server, maybe it will be faster

Yeah great call, I compared a few prototypes I had and others were much faster. I am using the Adalo DB in this one. I had over 600 records in the one that was slow, so I did a test where I wiped the data and replaced with 50 records and it’s much better now. I thought it would be faster/better to filter/search all within Adalo if I used the built in DB, but now that I see the limitations with records, going to try it out with Airtable like I have with other projects.

do you only have text? Or is there photo video content? if yes, what servers do you choose for storage