How to stay logged in when apps are closed?

When a push notification is received and clicked on phones, my app opens however users need to log in again. Is there any way users stay logged in even though the app is closed?

Is there a way that makes logged in user logs out in your app automatically?

I don’t think I set it up to be logged out automatically when the app is closed or not running…

That could be a bug you could message adalo support, they will help you much than I can help you!

@B0untiful_26 this is not a bug, for some reason it logs you out when you refresh the page on web apps.

I have my own webapp with notifications stuff, It didn’t do same stuff?

What do you mean? Could you explain more? Notifications only work when your app is a native app.

I have push notifications and other type of notifications on my app that shares same database on phone and PC, and it didn’t happen to me. It kept my user logged in but the issue was slow in responding it to a screen that has list of notification user has, so I had to remove it because adalo performance issue!

Mine is a mobile app…

@BladingB If your app is published to testflight, Apple App Store or Google Play Store notifications should work.

I’m talking in a “Phone section”

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