Trigger Notifications forces user to log out

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I have been making a couple of native apps and the trigger notifications seem to work fine (although sometimes I face issues with it). Once the user clicks on the notifications, the app directs the user to the set screen which is again grerat!
The problem which I am facing is that the user stays on the set screen for a couple of seconds only and then forced to log out and sent to the login screen.
Any help is appreciated.

Sorry I did not understood this correct:

Do you want to force the user to be logged out or do you want them to stay logged in?

I want them to stay logged in.Now they are forced to logout

Sorry if it’s not clear… I will explain again…

  1. The user gets a triggered notification in their phones
  2. Clicks on it and sent to the correct screen - not the home screen, another screen depending on the triggered notification-
  3. The user stays on the correct screen for a couple of seconds. Now … here the user is supposed to stay on this screen logged in … but what happens is that they are forced to log out for some reason and then directed to the login screen to re-enter their usernames and passwords…

So my question is … how do I stop this from happening? I want the user to stay logged in in the correct screen that I have set up in the triggered notifications settings…


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In this case, I completely redid the page, one of the forms can make a redirect. You can first check each form.

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