How to stop audio from playing?

Hi there,

I am currently using the audio player component and I have an issue with the audio player continuing to play when the user goes to another screen etc

Is there a way I can trigger the player to stop playing?

I am trying to build a “Instagram for audio” and I’m having huge issues with the audio player continuously playing and the styling of it, you can’t style the song time length and the current duration of time either.

Please help :blush:


Just want to second the need for an Action to stop the audio player. I saw an earlier (now closed) post from December '20 about this bug, so hopefully a fix is near?

It would be ideal if this Action could be assigned to a button anywhere on the page. This would let us ensure the audio is always stopped when a user clicks an icon/button to navigate elsewhere.

Having the ability to use Actions to control the audio player would also allow us to build playlist-style features, where a button could stop the current track playing and then start another one. Thanks!

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