Audio player component - Autoplay & actions

Hi all,

Does anyone knows, if Audio Player component supports continuous play (i.e. when one song finishes, the next one starts)?
Also, is it possible to add an action upon song finish?

Played with this component for a while, but didn’t find an easy way to do it.

Any hint is highly appreciated!

Best regards, Victor.

I just tried a few tricks but I don’t think this is going to be possible at the moment. There are 2 ways that came to mind:

  1. If we were able to determine the length of the song, we could use countdown timer to trigger an action
  2. If there was an action for “song ends”.

I will put the idea forward to the team.


Hi @anon78309838,

Thanks for prompt reply!

I’ve experimented with the length (just manually entered field, a lot of admin overhead but still), the problem there is that a structure which stops/starts countdown timer when user press “Pause” and “Play” looks quite messy and I suspect it’ll be unstable…

Having an action for “Song ends” would be a wonderful solution! Thanks a lot!

Best regards, Victor.

Indeed that would get tricky very quickly!

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