How to store some pdf in my database

I have a database of pdf ( 7726 pdf), I want to use it in adalo. how can I store pdf in my adalo collection to show it after.
I try to use link by storing pdf in google drive or one drive, but It seems that google drive or onedrive don’t allow that, I received some error message 403 forbiden.
so how can do it???
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  1. Create collection
  2. Add FILE type property
  3. Start uploading your PDF.


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thanks for reply
I already try it , its work.
but I have 7726 file. I can do it one by one. have you a solution to make it automatically or all the files in the same time?
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Then Cloud Object Storage – Amazon S3 – Amazon Web Services, Firebase, Dropbox or will work for you.

Did you find the solution helpful to you. I can also help you upload it

Really not, it’s still difficult for me. I need help. I have 7726 pdf file to upload. If your a solution please help me :pray:

Can you send me the file through a drive, I can help you upload them manually and save you time

Thanks you thanks you very much, it’s will be very helpful for me and let me finish my app.
This is the links:
It’s u folder with the 7726 PDF 's files.
Best regards

Can you message me here and we can discuss your project and how much you will pay per hour of my work.

I’ll be expecting your response

Also send me your adalo login details there and your every necessary things needed for your app to be completed.

I’ll be expecting your response so I can get to work Ouedraogo

Follow the step by step:

1 create an account on MAKE
2 create a scenario
3 inside the scenario you will add a google drive connector (MAKE itself has teaching you how to connect your drive account)
4 add an adalo connector to add a new item to your database, which will pass the file link in the drive to a text field in adalo or the file itself in an attachment field.

5 Run the scenario and be happy.

Note: if you have a lot of files like I said I recommend you buy a $10 MAKE plan which should be enough. If you have any questions, please contact me via the forum or via email ( and whatsapp (+5565984479012)

Hugs and good work.

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