How to put a pdf

Hello, I would like to know how to put a pdf

@Miguel Short question, do you need upload pdf to Adalo collection?

Hello, If you mean uploading a PDF file in a database collection, you can create a (File) property in the collection. Then you can add a (File picker) component to the screen with a button to save it in the collection. After that, you can upload your file and save it.

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Hello, I have made a new collection with a name and a file that I have uploaded from the computer, I have uploaded the file but I don’t know how to create a component on a page that can directly access the file.
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Hello, what I would like to do is put a link to a pdf file on a button, but I don’t know if I have to make a collection in the database first, because having done so, I don’t know how to load the collection with the file to the button.
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You can render the PDF in the webview component, or open it as an external link for the device to handle. The behaviour depends on the device. I recall on Android the file would be downloaded instead of rendering in the webview.

Has a component that makes use of google doc viewer and works well across devices.

Hello, you can add an action to te button to link to website and then you can add (Current PDF => file URL). This way you can access the PDF file once you click on the button.

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Hello, thanks for the answer but what I want to do is , on a screen put a button to access a pdf file that I have in a folder on the computer not on a web page, and when you click on the button you can see the pdf.
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You’re welcome! Yes in order to connect the button to a specific pdf file to view it, the pdf file needs to be uploaded inside the database and then you can add the action that I’ve mentioned previously to access the pdf on your computer or download it.

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Thank you for all your answers

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