How to terminate subscription on the app

How do users with a subscription terminate their stripe subscription on the adalo App?

No tried yet, but I guess that they can break the link from their own Stripe console, I can’t believe that Stripe does not allow their client to manage the Connect links.

Thank you. Yes, Stripe allows you to connect to the console (customer portal).
I’m considering a subscription service, is there a way to put a link to a customer portal so users can cancel?
Stripe Docs: Integrating the customer portal

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It is now possible to open Stripe’s customer portal using Zapier’s webhook.

  1. Send Stripe’s customer ID to Zapiar’s webhook.
  2. Zapier calls Stripe’s API.
  3. Zapiar adds Stripe response (session URL) to the Adalo table.
  4. Click the added session URL.

If there are other good ways (especially those that do not use paid Zapier), please tell me.

Thank you.

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