How to transform data into database


I assembled some information (ingredients, quantity and costs). The cost is multiplied by the quantity and value of the ingredient (both are already in the database). But I would like all this information after filling in to become a database. Is there a possibility to do the reverse? from the data build up the database? Rather than creating the bank first? Because I only found Adalo forms to do this but it does not meet my project.

A trick come to my mind that maybe you can try.

For example you build 2 Collection :

  1. Databases
  • Name
  • Ingredient (relation to Ingredients Collection)
  1. Ingredients
  • Ingredients
  • quantity
  • Costs
  • Database (relation to Databases collection)

Everytime you create a new Information that want to link to a new database, just create an action that create new Database and create a new Ingredients, then change the relation to the newly created database.

For example :

First you have these data :

Ingredients A

  • Ingredients 1
  • Quantity 1
  • Costs 1
  • Relation to Database A (Databases collection)

Then when you change the value of the ingredient, add actions :

  • Create Database B
  • Create new Ingredients (using value from the input), then assign the Database relationship to Database B.

So you have these records now :

Databases Collection

  • Database A | linked to Ingredients 1
  • Database B | linked to Ingredients 2

Ingredients Collection

  • Ingredients 1 | Quantity 1 | Cost 1 | linked to Database A
  • Ingredients 2 | Quantity 2 | Cost 2 | linked to Database B