Adding to Database from a form other than signup

Users, when they signup, are obviously added to “Users” in the database with the fields from the form. Inside my app, I am having “Users” sign up to serve other functions in the community.

I want the data they add to the separate form(s) to automatically be entered into the “User” database. The separate database(s) is/are set up and collect the data just fine. I just don’t want to have to manually add the information from one database to another.

Any help is much appreciated. I am sure there is a simple answer from one of you fine, intelligent people.

Welcome @lifetoflow
Start with the Adalo help files.
They also offer an academy with free courses.

Sounds to me like you need relationships between your collections.

Yeah, I’ve set the relationships, but there was a hitch. A “User” relationship with a “Player” is equal, and there is no relationship like that. Unless I’m mistake. They are one and the same. That’s why I thought I could just automatically fill the one database with the information provided from the “Player” form. Because not everyone will choose to be a “Player”, I don’t want to have that in the signup form. I hope that makes sense. I am certainly a newbie.

You mean a 1:1 relationship?

I am only assuming, yes. The “Player” is already a “User”.

So, it’s like I am asking for more information about someone who is already a user. I want to keep that info in a separate collection, but I also want to add that information to the “Users” collection. That seems more clear. Thanks for helping me see what I am asking, hahaha.

If all Users are players then there is little benefit to having it in a separate collection.

If you have players & coaches. Then maybe have a separate table. It all depends on how many fields you need just for players, and just for coaches. If most fields served both players and coaches and there were less than 10 extra fields needed, then I would just put them in the Users collection and live with null values.

The thing with 1:1 in Adalo… it isn’t. Their documents say to make 1:M and disregard the many side. What you are left with is not a true 1:1 as you might expect it to perform when editing the related record.

I did see that info on the 1:1. I truly appreciate your input. I will see how I can integrate it into what I’m doing.