How To Update Another User

Hi everyone, I am asking for help on a problem I’ve come across. So recently, I’m creating an “online bank” sort of thing that allows you to withdraw/deposit money, but most importantly, transfer the money. It is easy to update the logged in user’s bank balance after the transfer, but how do I update the other user’s bank balance? I believe that you’re only allowed to update the logged in user’s data, but I might be wrong.

For context, I’ve already set up a dropdown where you can select the user to transfer money to. The problem is how to increase that user’s balance by the transferred amount. Thanks for any help!

It might be permissions on the database. Go to user collection and you can set who can access and edit that collection. By default it will be logged in user, but you can change to anyone I think

The “Account Balance” property is already set to “Everyone can view, Everyone can edit” by default.

Use a list, rather than a dropdown. Then when clicking the user on the list you can update ‘current user’.

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