Need help in making my app


I am a high school student with no experience in making apps and my last project for the entire school year is to make an application with E-Wallet features. My problem is that I can’t make an account balance that changes automatically its value when I try to send money to other users. Please help me as I’ve been trying to solve this for quite a few days now. Thanks


You need to have at least a “wallet” field in your user, that is a number field.

Than in the button that you press to “send” the button needs tu update you with and your friend.

The button should say something like “Update - User wallet - (Current user wallet - x amount)”
and the other user is just change to add.
“Update - User wallet - (Current user wallet + x amount)”

and should work.

Of course that this cannot go into production this way…

hi thanks for replying!

what should I do to make it work? T____T

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