How to upload to App store as developer on another persons account

I am listed as a developer with permissions on another persons account. How do I submit it for them? Do I have to get their developer id and password and then create a bundle ID with their account information? Or is there a way to use mine?
I have upload and tested it on my account and all works well. But I need to be able to upload now to thier account.


Hi @jimp

That’s not really related to Adalo.

I would recommend checking Apple’s documentation on the subject.

You also have Apple’s Developer Forums for more assistance.

thanks for the reply.

For anyone running into the same issue. Since this is certainly relevant to Adalo. If you want to use Adalo as a developer for some quick simple apps for others this is an issue.

So there seems to be a few ways to do this:

  1. Use your account and submit the app. Once Approved and in the store you can transfer it to another account.

  2. If the another person (client etc…) has a Organization account they can add you, but not for an Individual account. To enter the needed credentials to connect Adalo to App store.

  3. You can see if they will give you their Apple ID password to log in and add the necessary credentials to get Adalo to sent the files. Not great…

If anyone has figured out other ways please share. I appreciate it.

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