How to use coordinates with the Adalo Google Maps component?

What I expect: To enter the latitude and longitude coordinates in the Marker Address field and see a dropped pin on the Adalo Google Map component corresponding to the entered coordinates.

What actually happens: The map renders centered on Manhattan with no dropped pin.

What my use case is: I want to render a series of dropped pins from an external collection containing latitude and longitude coordinates on the Adalo Google Map component.

What I’ve tried:

  • Adding latitude and longitude data into an Adalo collection and pulling the data from the collection via Magic Text (no pin rendered)
  • Retrieving latitude and longitude data from an external collection and pulling data from the collection via Magic Text (no pin rendered)
  • Setting the map component to render only a single marker and hardcoding the latitude and longitude data into the Marker Address field (no pin rendered)
  • Entering a human-readable address (e.g. 100 Broadway) the Marker Address field (pin rendered)

In perusing the forums it seems every so often folks have trouble getting the lat/lng coordinates to properly render in the map component. Wondering if there might be some higher-order issue that we’re missing.

Hoping the community can help me root out the problem here. I have never been able to get this feature to work with lat/lng coords.

Please advise. :pray:

Hey Sean!

Can you Submit a Ticket so our team can look into this further. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am having the exact same issue. GPS coordinates have been working on my app for a long time, but now new records will not show the marker and the google default NY map is showing.

Actual addresses work and strangely so do existing GPS coordinates, even if copied to a new record. Seems they cache?

Perhaps something is wrong with the Google Geocoding API.

Adalo please help

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Can you please Submit a Ticket and we can take a look at this for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I just posted the same as I have the very same issue.
Also it seems like restricting the API is incompatible with Adalo.

Hope it is user error as this is a key element of our MVP.

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