Marker Pin Location Component!

Hello guys,

I would like to announce the release of my new component for Adalo, it is a marker pin location in which users can drag and drop marker through a map and retrieve the coordinates, or on mobile to be able to drag the map and retrieve the marker position!

The component is very simple and easy to use, below is its video tutorial:

How to get it (direct buy): here
Use promo code MARKER_PIN for 40% discount for the first week

Demo: here

My website:


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That’s mega Jimmy. I saw a number of posts recently that needed this.
Polyline is the next one I see a lot.



Bought it, and it doesn’t work.

Sorry, to hear about that, can you explain what’s not working?

Input values don’t change on my “text inputs” when I move the pin on the map. I have everything set up right.

I’ve got it working. The save button was somehow set to 0 opacity.

How do you get the latitude and longitude to reflect on “location”? I have activities that each have a location assigned via location search. And I can get your Pin Marker to input as text (longitude and latitude) on my activities, but how do I get the Pin Marker to update the activity location?

By location what do you mean? The location type property by Adalo?

I have a list of activities, which each have these properties assigned: creator, about, image, latitude (text), longitude (text), and location. The Pin Marker can update the longitude and latitude but doesn’t seem to have the ability to update anything with location. I need to be able to do this, because the Adalo map feature only works off of location. So, although I can change the latitude and longitude text properties for the activity, it doesn’t really help.

Yeah… the component only provides with latitude and longitude, it doesn’t provide anything else regarding address, country, street, etc… that are required by the location. That’s its purpose for now

Is there a way to get it to at least update the location type property latitude and longitude?

that’s not possible, updating the location property of adalo is only available for adalo at the moment

Hello, I bought a Pin Marker. The following problem has arisen.

Add another action - I open the scroll - input - but there is nothing there, the scroll is empty (see screenshot).

As I understand it, with this action I requesting the pin. how to add it to the application?

When I run the application in the tester, the map is displayed but there is no pin.

Do you have inputs?

There is nothing in the scroll.
No input data.

When watching your video, I noticed when you selected the components - Other Components - you have two options - A input

I don’t have these components, how can I add them?

Do you have inputs in your app?

Do you know what change input value does?

Sorry, I don’t understand, what should be the input data? Most likely it’s elementary, but I don’t know.
In my application, I used the native add-on Adalo - map, and everything works.
I saw your add-on, watched your video, decided to use it, and ran into a problem. What needs to be done for components to appear - input (input data).

Can you record a video from the very beginning, with an initially blank page on which you add your add-on step by step and launch it as a simple application?
A full video will solve many questions, you will have less to answer basic questions, and it will be easier for users to understand whether your add-on is worth buying.

I am sorry, I can’t record a video anytime soon,

The tutorial on youtube cover everything you need to know.

Whether you find input or no, this is not something to be covered, this is just a simple use case and I used change input value. If your app doesn’t contain any inputs, this will be blank. Again, this is based on your use case, the simplest one is change input value, but for your specific case you might need to update a record or create one etc…

If you are selling something, provide full instructions on how to use it. It turns out that I paid you and now I’m spending time trying to figure out how it works. But you are not helping with this.
Your add-on should be excluded from sale until it works by default or you write full instructions.

Should I expect you to write instructions?