How to view files since there is a file uploader. Would be great if we could review pdf files

I can see that there is a file picker, but is there a way to view them?

You can put a button or text that links to that file - to either download to view on device, or some files work in a webviewer window I think (I may be wrong/forgetting something on that.



Only HTML files can be viewed using Web View when passed as URL. The other files if uploaded into a File field can only be downloaded.

If you want to view files in Adalo app, you have two options:

  1. Host those files as HTML somewhere (Convert any type of file to HTML) and then view using that HTML file’s URL
  2. Convert each page of the file to an image and then view those images in the Adalo app

I don’t think so far there is any other option to view files inside Adalo app. Let me know if you have found some other options.