How useful is a Dedicated Account Manager?

I’m considering upgrading so that I can get the proper support I need. I have some ambitious ideas and little experience with development, so I’ve been having lots of trouble building. While the form is an awesome resource, it hard to get exact answers from the threads. If I upgrade to the business plan, would my Dedicated Account Manager be reachable to assist in these instances? If I could call someone up during regular business hours for the support, I think it would be worth it, but I’d like some more information before I spend the money. I’ve tried getting the answer through the support email, but you know how that goes.

Does anyone here have a Business Plan?

How helpful is your Dedicated Account Manager?


Hi Alex,

We have recently made a lot of changes to our support process in order to address some of the concerns you have. We just revealed our new Statement of Support which will give you a clear indication what you can expect from our side.

I cannot say for sure whether the business plan would be the right or wrong way forward for you but perhaps an alternative to that would also be reaching out to an Adalo Expert for some 1 to 1 coaching?

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