I couldn't figure out how to design collection-relations-structure


Newbie here, thank you for your patience.

I am creating a campaign app. These are the collections: a- Campaign, b- Company, c- Product, d-Salesman

  • A company has multiple campaigns at the same time.
  • A Campaign includes multiple products at the same time.
  • A product is unique for one company.
  • A company has multiple products.
  • Company has multiple salesman. A salesman works for 1 company.
  • A salesman is managing multiple products. A product is being managed by multiple salesman in different territories. (Users will see the salesman of that product according to their territory which is permanent.)

According to this, I did a relation but it is not working as it supposed to be. Here is a screen recording of collections I’ve made: Adalo Collections - YouTube

Can you help me figure out how to design the collections and DB?

Thanks for your help.

Do products ALWAYS belong to a campaign? If so, I wouldn’t connect them to the Company. Just to its campaign since the campaign will already be assigned to a company.
If you need to access all products in a company you just select CurrentCompany>Campaigns>Products>All or Count or whatever you need.

Then I would connect salesman to product in a Many to Many relationships.

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