Creating links to screens within collections / databases


Just wondering if it is possible to create links to other screens within your app but within collections / databases?


Yes it is possible. Look into ‘relationships’ component in the collections. That should sort the matter for you.

Thanks Arun, I have had a look at relationships but I cannot see how I would get that to work so that when an item in any list is clicked it would then open a screen of my choosing. I need each entry in the collection / database to link to a different screen within my app. Hope that makes sense.

The long way round that I can see is placing individual images and then creating individual actions to link to screens from there but was hoping to do this via collections.

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Well, you can build a relationship within the collection. Minibus duties : Minibus duties - many to many. But you’re right. There’s no need to use relationships to send user to a specific screen. You can set multiple links within each click action to send users to different screens.

I had a similar thing in my app. Once builds profile by submitting cuisine preferences, the submit action would take my users to different screens depending on cuisine preferences. I had 5 cuisines in my app so I had to build 5 click actions for the submit button…where each action ‘sometimes happens’ when cuisine = something.

Hope this is clearer?


Yep, I totally get where you are coming from! Many thanks, I’ll have a play with multiple click actions and the sometimes rules :slightly_smiling_face: