My app is a mess, please help

I forgot to pay the monthly bill yet.
So I decided to pay it today. I now payed it but several actions at my app cannot be completed now.

The custom login form isn’t working anymore for example and if I open the page the text “Action cannot be completed” always appear.

If I would have to fix that all manual, it would take me several weeks because I built this app in a period of years! This would be a destaster. Is this because my adalo account has to realized I switched to pro plan again or what went wrong here?

Please provice help

Hi @King_junior,

Please reach out to our team by submitting a support ticket here: Adalo | Support Ticket. Kindly provide the email ID correctly associated with your account and we’ll be able to look into it.

– A


Thank you for reachinh out.
I already raised a ticket but did not receive a automatic mail that Adalo received it. Is this normal?

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