I’m struggling -- can someone please look at my app and help?

One part of my app is a library management system. Users (members) can borrow tools and movies, and then return them after use.

Each member has a physical ID card, with a QR code and a member ID number. I’ll use a QR code scanner later, but for now, we just manually enter the ID number into the app when a member borrows an item. Member numbers are simple: 1,2,3, etc. Member numbers are store in the Users collection.

Items in the library also have inventory ID numbers: 1,2,3, etc. Inventory numbers are stored in the LibraryItems collection, along with the actual name of the item.

My third collection is called LibraryRecords. The LibraryRecords collection has relationships with the Users collection and the LibraryItems collection.

The process is supposed to work like this:

A member walks up to the checkout desk with an item he wants to borrow. He presents his ID card, and my clerk enters the member ID number into a text input field in the Checkout screen.

The app checks that member ID number against the Users collection, and displays the member’s profile picture, his/her name and member number, and membership expiration date. This is how we verify that the member is ok to borrow an item.

The clerk then hits the “add items” button, which links to the Add Item screen. On the Add Item screen, the clerk enters the inventory number of the item to be borrowed, and hits another “add item” button. This creates a record in the LibraryRecords collection. Other items can be added, one by one, on this screen, each creating another LibraryRecords entry.

That’s how it’s all supposed to work. Now, here are the problems I’m having:

  1. The newly created LibraryRecords entries contain the member ID number, but I can’t get it to record the borrower’s name.

  2. The entry also contains the inventory ID number, but I can’t get it to record the item’s name.

Also, (and this may not be a problem, but it seems wrong): the LibraryRecords collection has relationships with the Users collection and the LibraryItems collection, and there are fields for these in each collection, but nothing appears in those fields. The borrower ID number and the inventory ID number appear in different fields. Not sure why.

I have another screen for returning the borrowed items, but I’m not worried about that part right now.

This is enough for now. I’ve made a copy of this part of my app, with a simple users list and inventory list. I’m hoping someone can clone it and give me advice on how to do what I’m trying to do. (@dilon_perera you’ve always been there for me!)

Login: 1@1.com
Password: password

Right now, the library is managed with paper and pen. This app will change our lives more than I can tell you! Please help!

Mike’s Club Library copy

Hi Michael,

Just needed to confirm a part to make this work!

In the LibraryRecords collection for the User relationship you need to add the user that you get by inputting the member ID? Or the Logged in user? ( Currently singed in user )

Thank you

It should be the user you get from inputting the member ID.

Think of this like your local public library. At the checkout register in my store, my employee is the one who enters the data, but the customer is the one who is actually borrowing the tool. The LibraryRecord should be a record of that customer’s borrowing activity.

Thanks so very much!

Check this out and let me know! : Library Copy Clone

One new user added :

Can you make this clonable so I can see how you configured it?

Made it clonable! : Library Copy Clone

Sorry! I didn’t do that first because needed to confirm if I’m correct :slightly_smiling_face:

On your “add items” button on the checkout screen, your “create link” action shows "send this data to AddItems screen (current user).

My “create link” action doesn’t show that option.

What am I missing here?

You need to make it a list! If you looked at the app I have grouped the top components as a one group ( blue pic to red text area) except the input and text and bottom components as another group ( two buttons at the bottom ) and made that as a one big group and made that group as a list by clicking the three dots > make list in that group ( big group )!

Your version does seem to work, but I’m getting lost in the groups of groups of groups!

I tried copying your whole checkout screen into my app, but it doesn’t seem to be possible. Normally I can copy a screen from one app to another. Not sure why this isn’t working.

I’m going to try recreating your screen from the beginning in my app.

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Dillon, I haven’t been able to work on this for a few days (I’m really swamped with my “regular job”). I’m now getting ready to jump into it.

So let me ask a few questions to clarify what you told me.

  1. On my app, the top part (from the blue profile picture down to the red “Expired” is actually a list (showing one user). You said I should make this section a group, correct? I’ll call this Group A.

  2. Then you said I should make the bottom part (the two buttons) a second group, correct? I’ll call this Group B. See my image here:

  1. Then you said I should make Group A and Group B into a third big group, correct? I’ll call this Group C.

  2. Then you said I should make Group C into a list, correct?

Am I understanding all this correctly?

If you make the Group A and Group B as separate lists then you don’t need a group of group a and b. But for the lists there’s a visibility condition that Input > is not equal to > to empty to make the lists invisible when the input is empty! For make this simple you can group the A group with the list and B group with the list and add that condition for the full group ( group C )

For make this even simple you can make a big group with the group A and B. Then you can make that full group ( group C ) as a list! And add the condition for that group!

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