Trying a different approach - I want to create a library card for checking out items

Part of my business is a “library of things”, essentially a collection of tools and movies that users can borrow. I’ve been trying to create a shopping cart system to handle checking out and returning borrowed items, but I think I’ve come up with a better way. I’d appreciate any input you guys might have on whether you think I’m on the right track.

I have a Users collection, a LibraryInventory collection, and a LibraryCard collection.

The LibraryCard collection has a relationship with the Users collection, and also a relationship with the LibraryInventory collection.

To check out an item (or items) my clerk will enter the User’s ID number and the ID number of each item to be borrowed into a form on the app. After each item is entered, the clerk will hit the button to create a new LibraryCard record.

So, a user who borrows 3 items will have 3 LibraryCard records, one for each borrowed item.

When an item is returned, the clerk will pull up a list of that user’s borrowed items, and update the appropriate record to show the item has been returned.

First question to you all: do you think this is the best way to handle this library operation?

Second question: please suggest any tips on how to make this all work.

I think I know how to set this all up, but I’m sure I’m going to run into a few problems along the way.

Thank you all so very much!

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