I need help creating a cashier-side checkout system

I’m lost. I’m trying to build a shopping cart checkout system that works from the cashier side, not the customer side. I’ve tried adapting other shopping carts, but can’t figure it out.

First, my customers are all registered users. So each customer is listed in the Users collection, and each has a unique User ID number.

I also have a list of tools, movies, etc available for borrowing, in a LibraryItems collection. Each item has a unique Item number.

The customer walks into my physical store and chooses several items to borrow.

At the checkout counter, my cashier will open the app and enter the customer’s User ID number. This part works, and the next screen does confirm the user’s ID/name, via a relationship with the Users collection.

Next, the cashier will start creating a new shopping cart, by entering the ID numbers of each item to be borrowed. Here’s where I’m running into problems.

First, I can create the cart (in a Cart collection), but all it does is create blank entries (only showing creation date). No other info. My Cart collection has a relationship to the LibraryItems collection, but I don’t know how to add the borrowed item to the cart.

Second, I don’t know how to tie the cart to the user who is borrowing the items. The cashier operating the app is not the user who owns the cart. I think I I need a relationship between the Cart collection and the Users collection, but I’m not sure how to set this up.

This is essentially a simple shopping cart, but a) there is no payment (just a checkout system and a record of who checked out which items) and b) it’s handled by. the cashier rather than the customer.

I’d really appreciate any help here!

@dilon_perera or @Flawless, can you guys help? You’ve both been invaluable to me so far!

I could help you by building out your needs with you by video chat (Google Meet). Let me know if interested.

Hey there @MikesClub

I recently launched a point of sale template that’s somewhat similar to this. I believe it would be pretty easy to customize it to your needs:

You could simply remove the Stripe component for payment and just collect the data that way.


Hi @MikesClub i’m also doing an app as this, there is lost of diffenet way to work with the cart sistem (I haven’t found the best way to do it yet), but this a project where i’m working on, this is not compleate, but maybe it can help you.

just let me know how it’ll go :muscle: :muscle:t2:

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I appreciate this!

I can’t seem to get to it though. When I click the link, all I get is a black screen with a “close” button.

I’ve tried it on a Mac and an iPad.

Also, will I be able to edit this in the Adalo editor? So I can see how it works behind the curtain?

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Can you try clearing the cache and refreshing it? I know there were some collection issues occurring. It’s loading up here.

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Hi @MikesClub,

I believe that Mario’s app is really helpful for you!

Just created a app to see if I’m correct! : Checkout System

You can use this information to login as a Cashier!

Email : cashier@cashie.com
Password : 123

And another app that Boglex Software create that has a Cart System too! : 📣 Introducing Restaurant App Template

Thank you


These are helpful, but I’m still confused. I can install them, but I can’t edit them to see how they work.

I’m gonna try this step by step:

So my first question is, what collections do I need?

I have a Users collection, a Products collection (I call it LibraryItems), and a Cart collection.

Is this correct? I see some shopping apps also have an Orders collection. Do I need that too?

Then, my second question: what relationships do I need?

I’ll have more questions, but this is my starting point! Thanks all!


Yes you need a Orders collection too! The short app that I created doesn’t have a Orders collection. It’s just simple. One day Boglex gave a offer to get one app free from all templates that they created! Not sure if that offer still exists! And I got that app! If you need to look I can send it to you via DM!

And I saw that Yongki also created a nice app and posted in the forum today! : Online Ordering App

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Yes, please send me that Boglex app via DM. I just need to look at it long enough to understand how the process works.

I think I’m getting this figured out, but still not sure.

What is the purpose of the Orders collection? What does it do?

And how do I, as the cashier, link the orders to the customer, who is a different user?

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