I need a custom built component (line graph)

Hey guys, I need some extra functionality on the line graph, such as min/max, more control over the colors (maybe gradients even), and also control on the labels of the y,x axis (opacity, color, width).

I’m trying to achieve a graph such as this:

and this:

First of all, is this possible? And if it is, where can I find someone who builds custom components. I need this very quickly!

Hi @admirleka :wave: :wave:

There are builders who builds components.I will tag the ones I know.


Thank you :blush:


Thanks for the recommendations @dilon_perera

Guys feel free to reach out to me if you think this is something you can do!

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Your welcome @admirleka :innocent:

I hope they will reply you soon @admirleka :blush:

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