I need a working Deck Swiper please

My app is called SwipeOpp and the main part is swiping through categories and picking the ones you are interested in. I cannot get the deck swiper in the marketplace to work and I cannot get a hold of the people at Pragmaflow to get their version. It wont install.

So the next thing I can think of is to have someone build one for me. One that actually updates when the cards are swiped and goes to the screen I pick at the end of the deck.

Please help!

@cmoon721 have a found a solution yet?

Hello how are you but that can be done with the free component of Adalo, in the configuration are the functions and you can also do an action at the end… when it reaches the end you can create an action to a page

Its not working. It used to work but it doesnt anymore. There are many posts here about it not working. There is a different version by Pragmaflow but I cannot get that one to even install and I have contacted them about it. It would be easier if someone made a new one for me.