I need to create a GPT Chat for my users


I am trying to build an app in which the user of my app can have a conversation with ChatGPT.
I saw this Adalo tutorial that shows exactly that in minute 3.45.

How is it possible to build up the chat like that and with context?
Thanks in advance

Didn’t done that, because chat will be slow, but looks like nth special. Don’t saw video, so I will share only mine ideas. Create database and record converstions. Than you will be able to show converstion in list. Plus OpenAI (chatGPT) must have opportunity to remember about what conversation is going on. So chatGPT must be connected with history and this functionality must be in OpenAI side. But I noticed one thing than I am using chatGPT and I am using it long time (not in Adalo, in OpenAI). Till now AI don’t have long memory:) Now in 4 version it’s much better, but in 3.5 nth special with that memory.

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