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I want to integrate Open AI assistant into my app how would one go about doing it.

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I’ve got chatgpt added through a custom action rather than the chatgpt function as mine doesn’t work.

Hello, I have the same question:) I think may be we can connect it through Custom action - ID/Role? May be? I can not find any documentation about all this custom action with ChatGPT… Anybody knows haw it(s work?:slight_smile:

As a workaround I’m currently using the chatgpt custom action and telling it to act as an expert and to not respond to requests outside of its knowledge.

Hi, thank you!! How did you do it exactly? I suppose we need to use Custom action- chatgpt Instructions? Where did you write the instructions? To which item did you add this action? I was thinking , may be I can use the Chtagpt/ID to call my assistant? DO you know what for this action? Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Found how to add instructions! thank you! :)Works better.:slight_smile: .however, I’d like to connect to my assistant openai, if anybody can help:) thank you!!

  1. Decide if you want a single-turn application or a multi-turn*
    Single-turn - remembers conversation
    Multi-turn - doesn’t remember the conversation
    *Assistant API offers more capabilities than just memory storage however this is all I’m focusing on for now.

For a single-turn application, I have a slightly older tutorial but the concept still works:

Multi-turn is where it gets a little more challenging.

I’m working on a tutorial but goes a little something like this:

  1. Create the assistant prior to user message
  2. User first message - Send to Make
  3. Create a thread - Make
  4. Add message to the thread - Make
  5. Run the assistant - Make
  6. Send response to Adalo
  7. Add response to internal collection
  8. User second message - Send to Make (and user + assistant message history)
  9. Reformat the data in the assistant API standard (using AI) - In Make
  10. Run the assistant - Make
  11. Send response to Adalo

Is this overly complicated? Yes. Right now I see no other way around it in Adalo, FlutterFlow, Softr, Glide etc

Alternatively, you can use but this provides even less UI and feature flexibility than Adalo

Hey Eddie, I’ve got this working including history, prompt, AI instruction and other AI parameters. I’m wrapping all the pieces into a single simple API call, that works super clean with Adalo. If you are interested in testing it, let me know.

Hi guys! Here is openAI documentation. Hope it will help you.

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