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Hello guys, am new here and I have an idea that I want to build. I want to know some few thing before I buy the premium plan of adalo. I want build an app that will be deploy to play store and app store and the app is going to have atleast 2millions users, is this platform the right one for me? will my app be responsive on all tablets and mobile phones? will I be able to test the app on emulator or real device before deploying it to app and play stores? will the app be fast to use and does this platform support native features like camera? please guys answer me as soon as possible so that I make my decision.

Hi @Ange1omd. Welcome to the community.

You could have answered all those questions with a little bit of research (Adalo’s website, documentation and forum) and by using Adalo’s free plan.

We are definitely here to help if you are struggling with certain aspects of Adalo or you don’t know how to make something work, but what you are asking is easily solved by a bit of research.

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