I would like to change the color of the circles depending of the result of a function

In the site I am developing we have made the design were depending of the result of some calculation (function) we will show one of three colors on the circle in the left of the result, as the image shows:

there are 3 cases:
if the result of the function is equal or greater then the goal, the circle must be green
if its less then the half of the goal or less, the circle must be red
else it must be yellow

(I tried using visibility change to different circles, but we can’t put functions in there, I wonder if there is other options)
pls help

You can use the component of the colored rectangle… each state you put the color code or you can make a hidden input that works there… then the visibility of the color circle is with the input… or the goal and that data come from the database? to see how to make the visibility

yes, the data and goal comes from a data base, thats the prob, if I use the colored circle based on the value in the data base it wouldn’t be 3 colors, it would be a lot more

for example … in the database the goal is 100
Is the function calculated on the page or does it come from the database? to see the visibility

green: if the result of the function ( must be an input ) is equal to or greater than the target, the circle must be green,

if you send me a video at +595984636313 to understand…

The goal and the base date comes from the database and the function is calculated on the page.

in the first line I want to calc the cost per visit, it’s = investment / visits (I receive the investment and the visits from the database).

I want to compare it with the goal (that also comes from the db) and depending of the result change the color or visibility of the circle.

Hi Rinaldo @RinaldoJr,

This is not an exact answer to your question, but this video may inspire some ideas: Adalo hints: Slider value is displayed in colour (basic and advanced setup) - YouTube


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