Is possible to change colour of a shape on click?

I want to change the colour of a shape and save it to a users profile on a left click / tap of the shape. Am I right, in that the only way you can achieve this is to create another screen and flip between the screen using a bool or something? I read elsewhere a feature for doing something like I want changing a colour on click will be implemented in the future possibly, is there a estimated date when that will be so?

Hi @jamiecropley,

Here are the options:

  • first one you’ve mentioned - you can change screens (though it is a bit too much for this task)
  • second one: you can have shapes of different colors and make them conditionally visible. For instance, you can have property “Shape Clicked” in Users collection; make it False by default. Then for the 1st shape make the visibility condition Visible when Logged In User → Shape Clicked is False, and for the 2nd shape - Visible when Logged In User → Shape Clicked is True. And finally create an action for the click on the 1st shape to update this property to True;
  • if your shapes are rectangles, then you can use Magic Color Rectangle from the Marketplace. Though the logic to change the colors is a bit cumbersome.

Best regards, Victor.