I would like to create a dating app

Hi! I am a beginner on adalo, I would like to create a dating application, if anyone has a clone of such an application it will be useful to me please

Hi @Morningdove ,


I would suggest to learn the basic first such taking academy courses and work your way up to create instagram-like app.

Follow those youtube videos on how to make them and once you are comfortable, start building your dating app.

Those relationship filtering is possible which is useful to find matches.


That’s 10/10 advice from @Yongki!

The Adalo App Academy has a few courses on Clones like Instagram & Gig-Economy Apps like Uber or AirBnB and Food Ordering Apps.

There are also some excellent videos available on Youtube to build clones of popular Dating Apps.

Additionally, you can request a course or tutorial here: Adalo | Tutorial Requests

Happy building!


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You might want to keep this in mind:

Guideline 4.3 - Design - Spam

Your app primarily features dating features. As such, it duplicates the content and functionality of many other similar apps currently available on the App Store.

While these app features may be useful, informative or entertaining, we simply have enough of these types of apps on the App Store, and they are considered a form of spam.

This from an Apple rejection notice.

what do you suggest me then?

You could take the odd-ball and confusing approach to create “Not” a Dating App, where users interact with people they don’t want to date. Compatibility? Nah, use our app to figure out who you’re NOT compatible with so you make better life decisions. :joy:

Or, more realistically, run it as a PWA if Apple is going to create those barriers.

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