IAP iOS? App Store Approval

If you’re on Twitter, you likely have heard nonstop about Hey.com and the recent saga with Apple over IAP.

Considering Adalo only supports Stripe, are there plans to introduce IAP (in-app purchases) in the near future?

It could make the difference in allowing/rejecting apps from the App Store.

Hey, slow response here, but we are planning to add support for in-app purchases / subscriptions in the near future. It looks like this is a requirement to support payment in the new App Clips feature in iOS 14.

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Would love to know when this feature will be done. I am building a SAAS type of app and accoding to Apple’s guidelines, I am required to use IAP.

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Hey @ncmarc sadly Jeremy is no longer a part of the Adalo team.

I agree with you though and do hope IAP is next on the features list as it allows users to verify their biz models and ensures future success.