App Store Subscription

I know this question has been asked several times before, but most of the conversations are closed now, so I figured I’d bring it up again. Does anyone have an update on if Adalo is allowing the functionality to allow subscription based payments through the App Store? I know they have the Stripe component option for subscriptions, but Apple is cracking down on this so I fear that if Adalo doesn’t offer the ability to set up apps for subscriptions through the App Store soon, it will be difficult to keep customers. Let me know if anyone’s heard anything!

Let me know if this is interesting to you.


Yes, this absolutely interests me. If you can make this happen and it’s up to Apple’s standards I would be happy to pay that price until Adalo builds it.

Sounds good, the $29/month would be for an in-app purchase management platform

So iam pretty confident it is Apple/Google approved or they would not have a business. I will simply build a component (or suite, not sure yet) that will allow Adalo to talk to IAPHUB.


That sounds great, I think many of us would really appreciate that! I look forward to using it

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