Icons on buttons not visible on app from Google Play

I’ve launched my app for closed tests on Google Play.
I’ve got button with icons but the icons are just not visible. On adalo.com (edit more and preview) it looks great. It could be that there are too small? Or what’s going on?

Also - previews of videos on mobile app are not visible while on Adalo.com it look great.

What is wrong?

The first screen is from smartphone.
The second screen is from adalo.com preview.


Can anyone help me please?

Any Adalo evangelists here?

Guys from Adalo, please, could you, when you fix something on the platform, report it in the news. This will be great, because I thought I did something wrong with the application, and it turns out that it’s not me. This will save time for all users, because on repair work, you can do other life’s affairs. Thanks!

I wonder why any employer of Adalo can’t help here… I wrote to support so we will know.
I test my idea with that and pushing it for a tests on Google Play but it takes ton of time.

We just need simple answer from employers what to do.

Hi @Dawid and @Dmitriy,

We are aware of several Android display issues and the team is working on fixes for all of them.

Please understand that Adalo is an extremely complex piece of software that allows for millions of different ways for it to be used, it is difficult to account for each and every one of those ways, but when we do find issues like the ones listed in this thread, we do try and resolve them as soon as we can according to other bugs and priorities. I hope you can bear with us as we move towards fixing these issues.

I can’t have an app without these icons. How users can see what’s going on? Why is that other icons work, this in buttons not?

Is there any workaround like add icon component instead button and assign actions to that?

Hi,Colin! Thanks for the answer! To begin with, I want to thank you and your team for what you are doing (I forgot to do in the previous message). I understand that as you grow, you face and will face bugs and problems. This is normal and means that everyone wins when fixing bugs. The proposal is as follows: to talk in the news that problems with a particular function are now possible. Because without feedback and in uncertainty, your clients (me and others) can spend two days looking for their mistake, while we can just wait until everything settles down on the side of Adalo’s programmers. I hope I was able to explain my idea in an accessible way. Thanks again!

I understand the proposal and I wish it were as simple as that, however, not all problems are made the same and although you both appear to be experiencing issues here, the majority are not experiencing the same.

There are thousands of different elements that could be at play for why you both experience this but no one else. It is near impossible to account for these things so posting publicly about it is more or less irrelevant.

That is why we need to identify each case individually as it gets reported and unfortunately, need to do most of this work reactively instead of proactively.

Yeah, I appreciate your effort, Colin. I’m bootstrapping mobile app so I know what it is to run a product.

So, do you think that replacing buttons with icons could help? I’ll try that.
Could you take a look on my app when I will give you access?

Figured it out - you need to use “Icons” instead “Buttons”.