If Thing Dont FIt On screen scroll to see them

How do i tell adalo to scroll when thing are not in view instead of squeezing things

I thought scrolling was automatic. Can you add a screenshot so we know what is being squeezed?

Can i make it scroll sidewise to get the real size of the box

It’s not possible as the components are all squeezing into the viewport.

However, I would like to make a recommendation. Make 3 rows of 3 columns to contain your data. It’d look organized and it will fit in smaller screen sizes.

Row 1: Programming, Laser, Forming
Row 2: Shipping, Waiting on Materials, Pickup/Will Call
Row 3: In Stock, Blankets Orders, Article 1

How would i do this

I don’t understand. Can you explain?

how would a add a margin in bettween them

I’m doing a real-time production treadmill, would you like to know more about how your application could release a link or a clone?