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Hi friends. I am an Adalo beginner. I am creating a new app. I would like to know how to achieve such a scrolling with the finger as on images attached : I would like the elements of my screen to stop scrolling one level up and the next element to continue scrolling, to stack on top of each other. All elements unfold when I scroll down.

The elements you DONT want to screen, just click at the top rightside and on “make a group” and then click in the group and at the right middle (edit style) and fixe it to the top or bottom.

Thanks I’ll try and get back to you.

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Hello, as @AfonsoMarques has mentioned, you can create a group of the components (elements) that you’d like to fix, then you can choose either (Top or Bottom) in the edit styles section, according to where you’d like them to be fixed.

Thank you!

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