I'm having trouble displaying the image list, please help me

Please forgive the amateur question.
I visited the community and tried trial and error, such as adding relationships, but I can’t display images with the list function.
I have image data in the database, but when I try to list it in a list, nothing is displayed.
Also, even if I select Paste Image from the database, I cannot proceed to the point where I select it for some reason.
What kind of settings will make it possible to paste images from the database?
I would appreciate it if you could teach me. thank you.

Hiya welcome, ok I can help, I don’t see the list here, but you will have give the list ‘content’ by clicking the list itself and choosing which Database Collection you would like to use, from there your image component needs to be within the list itself for it to work.

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Thank you, the list is resolved!

Then, I am in trouble because another update is not reflected.

For some reason, updating logged in user with update does not overwrite it.
It is not reflected.
How can the update be reflected …?

logged in users is not updated at all. If this update becomes possible, I think that it can be used in various ways, so I am in great trouble because I can not do it.
I would appreciate it if you could teach me.