I'm so fed up with Google that I've decided to build my own search engine

I’m fed up with Google search
I’m sick of the ads.
Sick of being tracked.

But, more importantly…

I’m sick of the results being crap.
The ones decided by an algorithm.
And that people, who know how the algorithm works, sneak their junk content in.
I always end up finding the best content everywhere but google.

So I’ve decided…

Create a site where people decide what is the best content.
No ads.


I’m so excited to introduce you (thank you Adalo)…

The first (hopefully of many more) independent search engine.

This one in particular is called “Road to Scale” and allows you to search over 300 hand-curated URLs for every stage of your business idea or startup journey.

From idea, to product-market fit, to scaling.

If you want to try it out, click here.

I look forward to your feedback.


The search is super smooth. Are you using adalo hosted backend or a external?

Hi @Expert, I tried several alternatives but the fastest and easiest for the first version was to have the URLs indexed inside Adalo.

Now I am trying other alternatives.

are you indexing urls manually or using a crawler?