Image Sizes for App Display

Is Adalo automatically downsizing upload images? If not what is a good resolution for pngs that is displayed well but doesn’t slow down the app too much?

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It is supposed to according to @jeremy post on Slack a few weeks ago. It doesn’t look like it is working for desktop apps (and I don’t think it is for mobile apps either).

@jeremy can you confirm if Adalo is doing any image size optimization yet?

One example of where it is still loading a full size image is for my desktop app landing page -

Hey @TonyD - images in the database are being resized, but static images that you upload when creating the app are not. We’re looking to add this at some point, but in the meantime it’s wise to downsize very large images before adding to an app. Note that on mobile this is not as much of an issue, because the images are downloaded when installing the app, rather than downloaded while the app is running.

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Ah ok that makes sense… thanks for clarifying that!