Can't upload pictures


I am creating a dating app ( you can check it at , but it is not in English), and I have two problems:

  1. Users can’t upload pictures from their mobile phones (some managed to do it, but in most cases, the attempts have been unsuccessful). However, if you take a picture with your camera (while being in the app) and then upload it, there are no problems.

  2. The app seems a bit slow, so as it is my first time building on Adalo, wanted to ask, is it normal or maybe I have built my app in the wrong way?

Hi @Karlis, welcome to the community.
1.) This is probably caused by security settings on the mobile phones.
2.) Nothing wrong with the way you build it. There is currently no mechanism to reduce the size of an image on your device before sending it from your phone to the Adalo server. That means the full size image is sent which can take a little bit longer compared to other apps which reduce and compress before sending.
There is already a feature request you can support here: You will also get notified when the status of the request changes.

Thank you for your answer! About the speed, I was thinking about app speed in general not picture uploading time. Some people say their buttons are loading, also when moving between screens you can see that it doesn’t change very “smoothly” instead it looks like it would lag a bit.
Nothing against Adalo, just want to understand if I can improve something here from my side.

That sounds like it might just be the server slowness issue that Adalo is working on.

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