Image Slider - Slide Indicator "Outside" Position


I recently noticed that the images in the slider get cropped from the bottom if the slider position is “Outside”. A little deeper look, I realized that the “Outside” position just puts a white rectangle around the slider instead of actually moving it out of the image, thus covering the bottom portion of the image. Is this the intended working and also is there any work around to this? I’d like to have the entire image visible.

Here are two images of the position of slider as Inside and Outside and you can clearly see the difference/working of the functionality.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hello, the image slider is a component, so when you specify the size of the component it’ll stay the same in the screen, even if the slide indicator was outside. So if you’d like to see the full image when your slide indicator is outside, you can simply change the size of the image slider component in the screen.

Thank you!

Got it, thanks for the quick response! That makes sense.

However, with many attempts- any dimension changes I do, the image slider component does not let me view the whole image. Even if the dimensions of the component take into consideration the image height+slider height. The dimensions end up cropping the image to fit the size of the whole component and then overlays slider on top of the image. Is there anyway to prevent this or is the best option to resize the image itself and include null space at the bottom to allow the loss of image space by the slider window?

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