Stop Image Slider from cropping images?

Is there a way to keep the image slider from cropping the image? I know we can do this for individual images that we upload, but there is no option with the image slider that I can see.

The problem arises when I switch to different phone sizes.

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Thanks for letting us know about this. We are currently working on other enhancements to this component and I will let the team know about this and if it is something they can add to the feature.


Thanks! I appreciate it. Do you happen to know what the exact dimensions are for the Image Slider as of right now?

You can drag to adjust the size of the image slider component and currently your images will be cropped to fill the aspect ratio you set for the slider.

Yes, you’re right. Sorry, I asked the wrong question.
Is there a way to give us the numerical value of the size of the image slider?

Currently we can drag to adjust but we have to visually gauge the size.

Unfortunately there’s not a way to do that currently. Your best bet would be to add a rectangle component, set its height with a numerical value, and then align the image slider component to that.

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