Impersonating a user?

I have a user “Building administrator” who manages many other users “homeroom teacher”
I’d like to find a way for the building administrator to log as an anyone whose user property “building name” is the same as their own.

Right now the building administrator has the same user experience as homeroom teacher, except an icon that leads to dashboard. On the dashboard is a dropdown that allows the admin to choose any user that share the same building, and see the basics of this user.

However, the admins would like to edit objects belonging to users.

Example: as an admin, I log in and notice on my dashboard that “completed schedule” is marked “no”. I’d like to enter a schedule for this user, rather than wait for them to do it. So, I choose “log in as” the user who’d dashboard I’m viewing, and I’m able to view the app as that user.

Got it solved, incase it helps someone else.
Create a duplicate of the screen the “homeroom teacher” sees, and set the lists etc. to filter by “other components>all screens” and choose the drop down where the user was selected.

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