Important Feature Request: DEEP LINKS

Dear Adalo Users,

(sorry if this post sounds too obvious, my intention is to reach everyone regardless of the experience)

There is an important feature that most of us will need at some point, however, not everyone might know it’s called DEEP LINKING. The corresponding feature request has been created, however, it might not get enough attention as the name Deep Linking doesn’t have to ring a bell for all of us.

Here’s what Deep Linking is:

A deep link is a link to a specific screen of your app. It is not just a link to open the welcome/home screen of your app on your mobile phone when clicked, rather it brings you to a particular screen. Provided the app is installed on your phone… :smile:

For example, you can send your friend a link to a T-Shirt in your e-commerce mobile app. When clicked, your friend will land directly on that T-Shirt’s screen, instead of having to browse the store and look for the T-Shirt you are referring to.

You can also pass values through a deep link, which would simplify the friend requests, for example. Imagine a friend request, shared over SMS, Email, WhatsApp, etc. as a (deep) link, which can be simply clicked to have this friend added. No more user search forms in your app to find friends!

It works for both iOS and Android.

If you need such a feature, PLEASE VOTE here so that it gets implemented soon:

Imagine this wouldn’t work for the web: You would have to open and manually search for the page where you can vote for this feature…

Thank you!



I would LOVE this, and really need it.
At the moment I can get away with it…but I’m not sure for how long…

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Exactly. Same here :slight_smile:

Man/Women of Ideas! Make sure to go to adalo and recommend them idea by either opening a ticket or make a vote…

The feature request has been created a long time ago. This post is only to grab users’ attention, to inform how the feature is called and that there is a feature request we can vote for… :slight_smile: Things like Custom Fonts are easy to understand, however, a “Deep Link” isn’t as obvious and hence might get less attention.

You can send vote link, so we vote! :sparkles:

Voted, either ways hopefully it takes their attention.

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Thank you very much! It’s already at 200+ votes, sure it will (or already has) :slight_smile:

No problem, keep your wonderful ideas out.

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