Deep Links for Private/Public Pages in App

Hello! I am wondering when/if Adalo supports deep links such that a user of my app can share a link to their specific private page or public page to their family and friends on Whatsapp?

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Hey there! We do not yet support this feature. You can add your vote to the feature request here, Adalo | Deep Link Feature Request.

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Hello @ashley , is there any timeline on when we can expect deep links to come to the platform? If not, will it be possible to use the actual links (URL) and somehow use Zapier to send that to say, Slack? I want people in my Slack channel to click an link and go directly to the web app

As this feature is currently not in progress, we cannot give any estimate on when it may come out.

This function is really very necessary for me and for many. In my case, the application does not make sense when users cannot share the event they have created in social networks and instant messengers in order to invite participants there. This is a block for me in development, tk. I have nothing to offer sports clubs. To my surprise, the Adalo constructor allowed me to implement everything I had in mind. But without deep links, it’s like a car without 1 wheel.
It’s a shame that you are pushing this to the background, but it is clear that this is the most important function for promoting any application, especially for tech who makes social networks.