In adalo, is it possible to trigger the closing of the app?

Is it possible to trigger the closing of the application in adalo?

We are currently working on a chat application with adalo.
Is it possible to make it triggered by closing the app from the chat page (not closing it completely, but pressing the center button (home button) on the iPhone)?

Ideally, I would like to see
In adalo’s chat template, if you press the home button when the “Conversation” page is displayed, the next time you open the app, the “Home” page will be displayed.

I would like to know if this is functionally possible, and if not, if there is a way to achieve similar behavior.

Thank you very much.

Hi Mono,

Currently Adalo is not able to connect with the device buttons to set actions so what you need would not be possible with Adalo in this instance.

I cannot think of a workaround for this either as Adalo does not recognise when a user has closed the app by pressing the home button on the device.

I don’t think any chat app that I have ever used has this feature. Whatsapp and messages on my android all open in the message I was last reading so the only way out of the message is by clicking a button in the app which is the same for Adalo. From a UX perspective it would be counter intuitive to leave a chat if you leave the app because people could be half way through typing a message so if you go back to the app and the message has gone then it would be quite frustrating, just a thought.

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